If you are experiencing problems with the operation of the App or the Admin system please consider looking at the following points.

  • Have you got good data or Wifi coverage?
  • Log out of the App and log back in.
  • Is your phone Android V5.0 or higher or Apple IOS 8.0 or higher? If not the App will not work or install on the phone.
  • Have you got the latest update to your phones operating system installed?
  • If it is a password problem please contact your organisations admin to ask them to reset it for you, you will be sent an e-mail that you will need to action within 1 hour of receipt so you can change your password.
  • If there are other issues with using the app please contact Paul Langham at providing details of the problem.

These notes will be updated as the system is rolled out.

Paul Langham
Sailors' Society